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How to download multiple file

Recommended: Use K-Lite Codec to play video files and Jdownloader to download.

Jdownloader is the program anyone should not miss out on! All you do is paste in all the links you want downloaded, and jdownloader will download them. You don't need to go back and click on links, wait for 7 mins for rapidshare before clicking another link. Jdownloader will automatically download when it can, and finish your downloads without you doing much. It can even unzip all the parts!


However, the only downside is sometimes, your downloads may stop if you have too many going at the same time. You will need to constantly check on them, right click on your mouse and "resume" them.

How does downloading work?
What you have to do is first, reply the thread. Then, go back and check and you'll see either Mediafire or Rapidshare links. Now, either paste the links in jdownloader or click on them and follow the instructions on the website.

What video player should I use to play the videos?
If you download K-Lite Codec, it should play almost every single file. So far, K-Lite Codec is able to play every single series on this website. 


What are softsubs?

Soft subs are subtitles that are distributed SEPARATE from the video file. They come as a text file, using extensions like .SUB, .SRT, etc. The reason for the different extensions is that there are different formats used for soft subs.

The purpose of soft subs is so that a single video file (referred to as the RAW file) can be distributed all over the world. Then the viewer can pick & choose which language he would like to view the subtitles in.

They're called soft subs because the other type are hard subs. Hard subs are subtitles that are rendered into the video itself. Some examples of files with hardsubs are encodes by Jem. Most fansubbing groups also choose to hardsub their works as well.

I have a subtitle file (softsub), how do I play it with my video?

1. Download and install VobSub.
(Note: It is not necessary to do anything other than double-click the .exe file and to let it install. You don't need to manually load vobsub each time you want to view soft subs.)

2. Place sub file in the same directory as the video file. Make sure that they have the same filename. 

Jade Palace Lock Heart
-----Your player cannot find Eng sub because of the file name.

-----Your player can find Eng sub automatically.

3. Play video and subs should be overlayed automatically.

Alternatively, you could try BSplayer, Media Player Classic (K-Lite Codec/CCCP), Videolan or RadLight which has functionality for loading subtitle files without having to installing vobsub. 

Other Suggestions/Recommendations

If Mediafire/Rapidshare says the file is 400mb but when you downloaded it, it was smaller, clear out all your cache and try again.

If you can't unzip the files because one of the archives are corrupted, it's most likely that one of your downloads ended early.

Try re-downloading all the files a couple of times.

Sometimes, hosting services can go down or cut a file short, simply wait it out if that happens, as I won't have time to reupload every single file when Mediafire server is down for a week or so.

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